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Augur pipeline information system

One Map    

Starting with pipeline survey and projects completion measurement, construct one map for all pipelines.

One Platform    

Establish pipeline information management platform (including three core elements: pipeline information sharing, IoT cloud service, pipeline management supporting).

Full Life Cycle Management    

Establish information sharing structure with full life cycle management covering complete pipeline survey database, planning, design, project engineering, maintenance and update. This is to achieve smart connection with multi disciplines and multi standards.

Three Founding Applications    

Establish 3+N applications system including: urban-rural planning management service, municipal service comprehensive management service and urban construction archive management service. The system will be added on with other professional pipeline application systems including water, gas, electronic, communication, heating, drainage, rainfall and industry.

Detailed Products

Augur Pipeline Information System Drafting Software - ASI Pipe CAD

Augur Pipeline Information System Planning Edition - ASI Pipe P

Augur Pipeline Information System Municipal Service Edition - ASI Pipe M

Augur Pipeline Information System Archive Edition - ASI Pipe A

Augur Pipeline Information System - ASI Pipe


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