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Water is key for lives, civilizations and ecosystems。

Augur smart water market team is formed by Smart Drainage Department I, Smart Drainage Department II, Smart Water Department, Guangzhou Augur Devices Ltd, Franzero Hydraulic Technology (Guangzhou) Ltd and Augur R&D Smart Water Department. We are a team focus on research and implementation with expert knowledge on water supply, drainage, hydraulic engineering, geospatial, software. The integrated service packages we provide cover both hardware and software from survey of existing drainage system, production of water sensors and equipments to water resources management information system, water supply and drainage system management information system, water data center and water administration system. With different combination, we are able to fully support “rational utilization, effective supply, natural environment, colorful culture, scientific management and continuous development” over water. At Augur, we strive to be the best team for smart city and sponge city information service.


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